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Vegan-Friendly, 100% Plant-Based Products in Dubai

Just Vegan concept was born in 2017, over a simple discussion with friends about the future of food. 


Fast forward three years, Vegan research is up by 92% worldwide, the USA’s largest dairy milk company goes bankrupt because of plant-based milk, it is no doubt the plant-based revolution is on the rise. 


The conversation that started as the future of food, has now become the reality, Just Vegan.


The founders have successful ventures around the globe, spanning from the Middle East, USA, UK, South East Asia. The Just Vegan franchise is the sought after Restaurant for a plant-based, healthy, affordable alternative to animal products.


The consistent expansion is a result of a strong, internationally recognised and sought after management team and company. 


Just Vegan’s headquarters are in New York, USA, and are the sole owners of the brand, retaining worldwide rights of the Just Vegan Trademark.

Joy of Harvest


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