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The Best Food and Drink Combo Ever: Red-Hot Flowerets and Amazon Tribe

Despite having the most amazing dishes and drinks, one of the most popular combination at Just Vegan has to be the Red-Hot Flowerets and the Amazon Tribe smoothie.

The fried goodness of broccoli covered in our red-hot sauce is a sizzling and delicious dish created by our chefs. This dish will make you fall in love with broccoli on a whole new level (and love at first-bite for the non-broc lovers), whilst enjoying the beautiful interiors and colors of Just Vegan Jumeirah bringing an aesthetic and vegan-friendly vibrations to you.

The Amazon Tribe is the most beloved smoothie from our menu, consisting of acai berries, blueberry, mango, strawberry, banana and coconut milk, all of these ‘cool’-tings blended together into a glass full of deliciousness. – Making one’s heart and stomach full.

The couple of these two will make you craving for more, afterall, what’s a meal without a dessert? ‘Only Choco’ is the most chocolaty, no wait, yummiest dessert on the menu (also very popular amongst our customers). Not only that, it is also Gluten Free for them weight-watchers.

So there you go, a whole-sum meal ‘Just’ For You.

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