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Veganuary Month Menu

What a start to 2022, it’s the month of Veganuary and we are more than excited.

The Veganuary campaign encourages people all over the world to vegan for the first 31 days of the year. We here at Just Vegan aim to be a small part of this movement and make a difference, with a renewed commitment of protecting the environment, its inhabitants and our own futures.

To make Veganuary more exciting and inviting at Just Vegan, a new dine-in menu has been designed exclusively for all the supporters of the movement.

This special menu consists of everything good and tasty in the world of veganism.

Classic Panisses is the perfect combination of crispiness and creaminess which comes from the chick-pea chips made out of the Garbanzo Bean Flour. This dish is really a must try for all the vegans out there.

Pain Perdu, is not so painless but a really sweet and modern twist to the classic French Toast dish which will make you feel wholesome from the first bite itself.

Beanoa is a classic blend of all the Mexican goodness consisting of black beans, cilantro, jalapeño guacamole, pumpkin seeds, chipotle aioli, cheese, and much more for you to find out.

No Sea Salmon is full of surprises that will leave you mesmerized with it scrumptious taste.

We also have a new brunch menu too which has been introduced as a part of Veganuary month, which you all can enjoy all week long. There are numerous delicious options for all the vegans in the house throughout the week with unlimited drinks.

Just Vegan eagerly awaits your visit this Veganuary!

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